Admin Section

From here clubs can access their admin page to add announcements and upload files.

At the moment club pages have been created for those that have an online presence on Facebook, their own website, or have supplied information to me. Full instructions are included below. Clubs can gain access to their admin page by contacting the webmaster for a password.

Likewise, if your club does not currently have a club page on this site but would like to be able to post announcements, a club official can make a request to the webmaster and one will be created for you.

How to log on

Logging on to your club page admin is simply a case of selecting 'Admin' from the top menu, selecting your club, and entering your club's password.

Adding a new item to your club page

If you can type, you can add items to your club page that show on the site immediately….

Adding a new item with an image

Although it is not required, you can, if you wish, add a photo or other image to your post by simply dragging it from your computer….

Editing an existing post

Just because you have saved a post, that doesn't mean you can't go back and change it. In the video below, we edit the text in an existing post, use the file upload tool to add a pdf file, and rename the link to the file……

Note: many files, such as PDFs, can simply be dropped into the text area to upload and create a link at the position of the cursor, bypassing the file upload tool completely.

Uploading files to your File Depot

Unlike files attached to posts, which are deleted if you delete the post, anything placed in the File Depot remains available for download until you decide it is no longer needed. You can use this feature to upload anything that you may want visitors to download e.g. results, membership forms etc.

Note: Try and make sure that the file has a meaningful name (i.e. "5th Jan Trial results" rather than "5117res")

Removing posts and files from your club page

Often your posts, such as announcements about a particular event, may be time-specific. The following video shows how to remove posts and files from your club page if they are no longer required…

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If you are having difficulty seeing the videos properly you can expand them to full-screen by clicking on the icon arrowed in the image above.