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  • Entries available for GH Motorcycles Evening Motocross – Wednesday 5th July. Apply online at:: https://members.acu.org.uk

  • Entries available for GH Motorcycles Evening Motocross – Wednesday 5th July. Apply online at:: https://members.acu.org.uk

    Entries are now open for Diss MCC’s very popular GH Motorcycles evening motocross on Wednesday 5th July at Wattisfield Hall. Similar to the very successful 2015 & 2016 events, there will be two groups of riders consisting of a MX class and an enduro class. There will be a total of 12 races and riders from each class will get at least 4 races. Practise starts at 5.15 pm and racing from 6.pm. A £1000 prize fund is on offer so this should attract a full entry of quality riders so get your entry in and don’t be disappointed.

    Entries are available on line from https://members.acu.org.uk

  • Illegal Riding threatens the future of the Muntjac and Santon Enduros – Thetford Forest

    After a period of 30 years, the thoughtless actions of a few riders is threatening the future of enduros in Thetford Forest.  Despite the publicity already warning riders of this, there are a number examples of trail, enduro and motocross riders illegally riding. This includes very sensitive conservation areas and land used by for the Muntjac and Santon Enduros.  A number of riders have been caught by the Forestry and Police and Section 59 (public order warnings / potential to have your bike crushed) have been issued to a total of 11 riders in recent months.

    The problem used to be limited to local riders from the nearby towns but now the problem involves trail riders and ACU licence holders. The ACU at Rugby has applied a zero tolerance to any rider caught, and to date one expert motocross rider (eastern centre) and two enduro riders (not from the eastern centre) have had their ACU licence suspended.

    To make the position absolutely clear, you are not permitted to ride on Forestry land unless it is an authorised ACU event (Muntjac and Santon Enduro) or an authorised location such as Hit the Dirt at Swaffham. If you do enjoy trail riding you must keep to the authorised byways. None of the former Diss MCC enduro courses are authorised for trail riding and this includes tracks or pits on Forestry land adjacent to byways. Ignorance is not an excuse!

     In summary, if off road events are to continue on Forestry land in the eastern centre, positive action needs to be taken now. It is important for all clubs to get the message out to riders if the sport as we know it now is to survive!

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