RENEWALS ONLY (Available from Monday 2nd December)
It will soon be time renew your number for 2020. If you want to ensure you keep the same number for the 2020 season, you must renew it by 31st January 2020 at the latest. NO NUMBERS WILL BE HELD AFTER THIS DATE.
Any numbers not renewed by 31st January will be made available on a first come, first served basis. If you have not renewed your number by this date there is every possibility that you could lose it to another rider. There were about 700 numbers sold in each of the last 3 years so if you don’t want to lose your number, renew it NOW.
You can renew your number online at or if you prefer by using the postal form below.
The cost of reserving your number for 2020 is now £5.50 per season. This ensures that the chosen charities (East Anglian Air Ambulance, Essex Air Ambulance & ACU Benevolent Fund) receive just over £5 per transaction, and it is still cheaper than sending an application by post.
Numbers 1 – 50 are kept for experts only. Number 1 will be offered to the Centre Champion; in the event that the champion declines, number 1 will not be issued.
In the last 4 years this scheme has enabled the ACU Eastern, on behalf of riders, to make donations totalling £14,070 to the chosen charities.

Any expert graded rider who is registered for an ACU National Motocross Championship may, where able to do so, purchase their registered number - even if it has already been purchased by a junior graded rider. If you wish to take up this option, please contact the reserved number co-ordinator direct: 07766 904655 – DO NOT attempt to do it online. The timing system will correctly calculate championship points and positions where riders compete in separate classes (expert / junior).