May I say how sorry I am to hear of the winding up of the Dunmow MCC - due, I understand, to a lack of members either coming in to the club and/or willing to undertake official positions and help in organisation of sports meetings. It is a sad conclusion. 

As archivist for the Centre/Region, I note the Dunmow club was affiliated to the Eastern Centre at a Board meeting on August 10th 1952, with Mr D Prail and Mr G Cook as delegates The club therefore enjoyed 66years of activity. I myself competed in trials and scrambles at their various venues and have happy memories of the circuit at Stebbing and the need to have the meeting`s races timing in keeping with the nearby church services. All nicely done! I was also invited to one of their dinners, many years ago and in more recent times, I have been along to their famous grass track events - acting as time keeper and line judge. My memory goes back to the unique circuit at Ugley, running across a steep depression in the land - just like a valley - and the superb, "all round" view this afforded to the spectators.

Over these many years, in all the contacts I had with officials and members of the Dunmow club, I was always treated with friendliness and made welcome. Indeed the only occasion I have ever ridden a Harley-Davidson was enabled by the generosity of one of their members - after a grass meeting.