As part of the ACU’s objective to get off road motorsport going again. Diss MCC will be running a Motocross at Wattisfield Hall on the 20th September 2020.

Entries are open to Experts and Juniors from 7.30pm on Monday 24th August, and to limit the number people on site, entries are being restricted to 140. You must also be a member of an ACU Eastern Club so best check out in advance that this is your default club.

The concept of one support crew to one rider will be applied. No spectators will be permitted so therefore with the additional costs of meeting Covid-19 restrictions, it will not be possible to offer any price money. However, you will get a chance to race again. Similar to the recent club enduro at Rushford, the club expect entries to fill up very quickly as this will be the only event at Wattisfield in 2020.

From a rider’s perspective, there are a number of very important changes to the format of the event. It is critical for the event to be a success for riders to take the time to read the rider instructions which are attached to the supplementary regulations. The instructions provide details on changes to sign on, scrutineering, start line control, reporting to first aid plus a number of other areas such as only one support crew member per rider, no overnight camping etc. We are relying heavily on riders acting responsible and maintaining social distancing. If you don’t, the likelihood of further events whilst we are under the risk of Covid-19 just won’t happen. We have got to learn to live with this pandemic and just do things a bit differently.

All entries and payments must be via the on ACU on line system. Entries will open from 7.30 pm Monday 24th August.
Apply on line