On July 6th the Eastern Centre Trials Sub-Committee had a call to discuss two main subjects, the first was related to the current Covid-19 situation and the second was normal committee business, this note only relates to the Covid-19 discussion. The other subjects will be in the complete call minutes issued in the normal way. 

The Covid-19 discussion covered any items relating to how events should be organised in line with any current ACU requirements and any changes required to the normal ACUE Trials conditions.

  1. The ACUE requirements for non-starters to be able to report by midnight on Monday is removed and clubs can use any rule to ensure that the limited entries available are not wasted by non-starters and other riders being deprived of a ride.
  2. It is suggested that additional signage at events should be used to remind riders of key points, e.g. maximum number of risers in a section and riders need to replace displaced section markers.
  3. The ACUE Trials championship rules do not state a minimum number of championship rounds per year, but it was decided that for 2020 for a class to count as ACUE Trials championship there should be a minimum of four championship, with the number of scoring rounds being the number of rounds minus one. This does not apply to D Class.
  4. It is now unlikely that the current calendar will deliver sufficient events for each ACUE trials championship class and therefore all clubs are to be invited to either ask for their non-championship trial to be included in a championship or for other clubs to apply for new dates for championship events. In the event that a club applies for championship trial on a date that already has a trial then the date will be given to new championship application if the club with the existing event, when asked, decides not to run their event as a championship round. Changes to the calendar may require more than one championship round, from different classes, to run on the same date.
  5. To qualify as a ACUE Trials championship event, the number of Championship Class riders must not be limited, this can be achieved by either ensuring the maximum number of total entries is sufficient or by giving priority to championship class riders for that event. All riders must enter before the closing date and must be informed as soon as possible after the date if their entry has been accepted or not.
  6. It is suggested that to support the Clerk of the Course the club could appoint club members to specifically monitor compliance to Covid-19 requirements, these do not need to be licensed and therefore cannot penalise riders but can inform the Clerk of the Course, a suggested title may be Event Safety Officer or Travelling Marshal.
  7. It is suggested that prior to each event the rider briefing completed by the Clerk of the Course includes specific reminders of the key Covid-19 requirements.