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ACU Eastern Results

The Results Section contains reports and results from events that incorporate rounds of ACU Eastern championships (plus any events that we feel may be of interest to you).

Results for events prior to 2017 are in the 'Archived Results' section.

Diss MCC Motocross - Wattisfield Hall, 20th Sept 2020

544 min read

Diss MCC succeeded in running a well organised motocross meeting at Wattisfield on Sunday 20th September, and despite the absence of spectators, it was good to see racing once again on the splendid Wattisfield circuit, which was in prime racing condition

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Dave Barkshire 2 Man Enduro - Pebmarsh, 6th September 2020

  • Archie Gunton
592 min read

In the beautiful countryside of Pebmarsh, the Sudbury Motorcycle Club made the most of two large stubble fields and created a testing course on well-watered land resulting in fast but unforgiving going, with a twisty track and sweeping open straights to put everyone through their paces. 

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