The first round of the Dave Barkshire Two Man Enduro Championship was not without drama; the original venue was waterlogged so the organisers Sudbury Motor Cycle Club move the event to Foxborough Quarry Sible Hedingham and on the day before when the course was set up conditions were perfect.  However Mother Nature was not kind as it rained overnight making the conditions muddy, slippery, stamina sapping and very interesting.

It was a battle of the Ropers (three brothers and one cousin all riding for the host Club) in the Championship Class, they slugged it out all day despite the slipping and sliding and after four hours it was a win for Rick Roper and his cousin Craig completing 38.50 laps pushing the brothers Stevie and Jamie into second place on 37.67 laps.  Out of Centre riders Jack Lee and Paul Field secured 3rd place on 34.67 laps while there were two teams tying for 4th place both completing 33.83 laps and the verdict went to Woodbridge pairing of Harvey Mutton and Toby Morley as they had the better special test time which relegated Chris Wright (Diss) and Dan Willis (Stowmarket) into 5th. 

In the Expert Class Glenn Walsh & Jack Berry (both Sudbury) pulled off a great win completing 35.83 laps with the TBEC pairing James Berrill and Dan Smith 2nd on 35.17 laps and the Sudbury duo of James Barker and Lee Monger finished 3rd on 33.17 laps while out of Centre riders Matthew Willis and Elliott Brooker took 4th on 31.67 laps.  Three teams tied on 31.00 laps and it was down to the special test times with 5th place going 15 year old Jake Roper riding his first Adult event partnered by his Dad Phil (both Sudbury) while another father and son team Darren and Jack Nicolaou (both Sudbury) secured 6th pushing Damian Long (Woodbridge) and Julian Harvey (Ipswich) into 7th.

It was a close finish in the Clubman Class with George Wolfe (Sudbury) and Luke Cain (TBEC) taking first place by .17 of a lap over Kane Fisher (Norfolk & Suffolk Juniors) and Lee Saunders (Woodbridge).  Two teams tied on 28.50 laps which the special test times gave 3rd place to James Hockey (Sudbury) and Steve Finch (Braintree) over Gary Vines/Will Packer (both Sudbury) 4th.  Raymond Otoka (Diss) and Michael Barker (Sudbury) finished 5th on 28.00 laps followed in 6th Luke Womack and Tom Morris (both Diss) on 27.67 laps and in 7th Nigel Ross and Graham Mays (both Sudbury) on 26.67 laps.