It was a hot, dry, and sunny and the going was bone hard for the 5th Round of the G H Motorcycles/Husqvarna/ACU Eastern Enduro Championship held at Foxborough Quarry Sible Hedingham Essex last Sunday.  The organisers Sudbury Motor Cycle Club having receiving advice from its National Governing Body the Auto Cycle Union reduce the duration of the event to two hours and eased the difficult parts and this paid off as the medical services were kept idle and all competitors finished in good condition.

The Championship Class started this Hare and Hounds event first with Craig Roper (Sudbury) taking the lead at the first bend which he held at the end of the first lap with Jason Morland (Halstead) and Luke Parker (Norwich) closely in pursuit followed by Ben Cole (Norwich) and Will Hughes (Braintree).  Roper was still in the lead at the end of lap two but lost vital seconds while swiping his transponder and Morland took advantage of this passing Roper on the next bend.  Morland was in a determined mood once in the lead and controlled the rest of the session although at times Parker was closing in.  At the end four riders had completed 18 laps with Morland first over the line fifty second ahead of round 4 winner Hughes who worked his way into 2nd place from Parker with Roper 4th, Cole 5th and Rob Nicoll 6th.  Unofficially Morland lead the Class on 84 points, Parker 2nd on 75 points and Hughes 3rd on 66 points.

What a battle there was in the Expert Class James Barker (Sudbury) winner of the last two rounds took the lead from Jack Berry (Sudbury) with George Eustace (Sudbury) not far behind.  Barker seems to be in control during the session but at the latter stage Berry was gaining every lap but Barker took the win by 4 seconds from Berry with Adam Johnson (TBEC) 3rd, Eustace 4th and Nathan Greenaway (Sudbury) 5th.   Berry still leads the Class with 75 points, Barker 73 points and Eustace on 53 points.  Michael Ridge (Stowmarket) won the Expert Veteran Class from Gavin Hockey (Sudbury) with Paul Spurgeon 3rd and Damian Long 4th (both) Woodbridge.  Ridge has regained the lead on 92 points with Hockey on 89 points.

It was back to winning ways for Rob Aldridge (Diss) in the Clubman Class  who paced himself throughout the session with Dan Hunt (Diss) 2nd, George Wolfe (Sudbury) 3rd and 16 year old Joe Phillips (Sudbury) being watched by his grandma for the first time 4th.  Aldridge has a comfortable lead with 97 points with Hunt on 69 points and Wolfe 55 points. Steve Youngs (Lowestoft) had his first win in the Clubman Veteran Class one lap ahead of Dean Curry (Sudbury) and Michael Wyatt (Diss) with Martin Gunton (Sudbury) 4th and Adam Richards (Sudbury) 5th.  Youngs lead the Class on 71 points with Curry on 52 points and Wyatt on 51 points.  Sudbury riders took the first five places in the Clubman Super Veteran Class with Andy Mason 1st, Jez Moss 2nd, Graham Mays, 3rd, Gary Drage 4th and Nigel Ross 5th. Mason heads the Class with 85 points, Mays on 73 points and Drage on 65 points.

Championship Class : 
1st Jason Morland 18 laps, 2nd Will Hughes 18 laps, 3rd Luke Parker 18 laps, 4th Craig Roper 18 laps, 5th Ben Cole 17 laps, 6th Rob Nicoll 17 laps
Expert Class: 
1st James Barker 17 laps, 2nd Jack Berry 17 laps, 3rd Adam Johnson 17 laps, 4th George Eustace 16 laps, 5th Nathan Greenaway 16 laps.
Expert Veteran Class: 
1st Michael Ridge 16 laps, 2nd Gavin Hockey 16 laps, 3rd Paul Spurgeon 16 laps, 4th Damian Long 15 laps.
Clubman Class: 
1st Rob Aldridge 16 laps, 2nd Dan Hunt 16 laps, 3rd George Wolfe 16 laps, 4th Joe Phillips 16 laps, 5th Paul Hunt 15 laps
Clubman Veteran Class: 
1st Steve Youngs 16 laps 2nd Dean Curry 15 laps, 3rd Michael Wyatt 15 laps, 4th Martin Gunton 14 laps, 5th Adam Richards 14 laps.
Clubman Super Veteran Class : 
1st Andy Mason 15 laps, 2nd Jez Moss 15 laps, 3rd Grah Mays 15 laps 4th Gary Drage 15 laps, 5th Nigel Ross 14 laps.

Photos by Paula Day & Anthony Ridge (click on an image to enlarge)