At Foxborough Quarry, Halstead, Essex  with the kind permission of Mr William Turtle.

Sunday the 29th December dawned overcast grey and very wet underfoot, promising to throw some challenging conditions for all those entered at the 6th annual Sudbury Extreme Enduro. The previous weeks unrelenting rain had waterlogged the ground and filled low lying land and ditches resulting in a heightened sense of balance and wellies as a minimum needed for the hundreds of spectators of all ages who turned out for a great day of brutal racing. With top pro rider Charlie Frost travelling from Wales to repeat his win from 2018, he was first away from the Le Mans Start and battled it out with Ben Wibberley from the Kent based Sidcup club over 2 gruelling hours making the huge obstacles look easy by jumping up them faultlessly every time coming in with a total of 17 Laps against Bens 16, it was a hard battled race with many track blockages as less experienced riders created at utter bottle neck with dropped and broken bikes!
Massive Congratulations to everyone who rode and helped before during and after the gruelling Extreme Enduro, the marshals were paramount to keeping the track open and free from dropped bikes and helping those on their last ounce of energy to try and complete the race for one of the coveted well-earned finishers medals.


Pro Class
1st Charlie Frost no 44 with 17 laps
2nd Ben Wibberley no 3 with 16 Laps
3rd Stevie Roper No 1 with 12 Laps

1st Ryan Hammond no 6 with 11 Laps
2nd Jason Pearce no 57 with 10 laps
3rd Toby Morley no 59 with 9 Laps

1st Jack Austin no 474 with 10 Laps
2nd Keith Maude no 27 with 9 Laps
3rd Joe Phillips no 441 with 9 Laps

1st Jez Moss no 25 with 7 Laps
2nd Jason Green no 64 with 6 laps
3rd Oliver Bolton no 231 3 laps