In glorious sunshine that bought out competitors and spectators alike the 8th class on the race card was the youth entry where Morgan Plaskett was first away after a Le Mans start (which is a short run to your bike from a standing start) followed by Thomas Davies then Will Belton who quickly made up the distance and took the lead with Morgan in close pursuit for the race duration. The youngsters battled it out for an hour over a beautifully prepared course which was shortened from the adult track used in the morning, but still contained a number of jumps, logs and technical questions that tested their ability and stamina. 

The final results were:
1st 12 Will Belton
2nd 166 Morgan Plaskett
3rd 229 Archie Peters
4th 946 Thomas Davies
5th 11 Will Turtle
6th 3 Mason Miller
7th 33 Freya Jolly
188 James Mangham DNF

Photos by Paula Day (click on an image to enlarge)