Covid-19 Event Guidance

The ACU are releasing regular documents which give guidance to those planning to run events during the current Covid-19 restrictions, which we will make available on this site. Organisers and competitions are advised to check back here regularly for the latest information:

Latest Govt. guidelines on easing lockdown restrictions

The following press release was issued by the ACU on 8th July 2021.

Event Signage
The following signs for use at events are available for download:
Venues & Safety Advisory Groups plus Covering Letter

In light of the guidance from ACU head office that local authorities should be contacted about ALL events that are being run on an ACU permit we have put together a list which covers all the venues that are currently, or have in recent years, been used for one type of event or another and the relevant council to contact. Many of the councils have an online form to complete and ask for any other covering documentation. The ACU have provided a covering letter which gives a brief overview of our sporting disciplines, and the fact that our events are Covid-19 secure to support any approach to a local authority.

My suggestion, especially for those of you who are running small (less than 300 people at the event and/or no spectators) is that you send your normal risk assessment, your Covid-19 risk assessment, and the ACU covering letter to the relevant authority. If you have received it then a copy of your permit would be good too. You are not asking for their permission to run the event, just being courteous and informing when and where the event is taking place. In the vast majority of cases, you will hear no more, or just receive an acknowledgement of you correspondence.

Important information for those of you who use a venue within the Braintree Council local authority please contact the Centre Permit secretary prior to any correspondence with the council.

Hopefully this will all revert to pre Covid-19 protocols some time during next year but in the meantime please follow the National Govt and ACU guidance so that we are doing, and being seen to be done, everything we can to organise our sport in a safe and secure manner for both our participants, and for the wider general public as well.

Click on the link below to download an Excel spreadsheet containing venues and Safety Advisory Groups in the ACU Eastern region.

The following documents are available for download:

Covid-19 All Enduro Events Risk Assessment 31st July 2021 (pdf)

Click on link(s) above to view/download document(s)

The following documents are available for download:
Email from ACU Head Office - 24th July 2020

Dear All,

Following recent changes in government guidelines the situation regarding the admission of spectators to events is we believe is as follows:

Spectators at ACU Permitted Events. Spectators can be admitted to ACU Permitted events if individual Organisers feel confident within themselves that they are content to allow spectators into their event and that they have the capability / space at the venue which allows for Social Distancing Measures to safely take place. Organisers must ensure the following:

A Risk Assessment has been put in place to ensure control measures have been considered to mitigate the risk of infection (as outlined in the Safety Assessment Statement above, this risk assessment may be used provided the Organiser accepts responsibility and puts in place the control measures outlined in this document.

  • The Local Authority is contacted to inform them of the intent to hold an ACU permitted event and that it is intended to allow spectators into the venue and to confirm that suitable control measures have been put in place to ensure the venue is Covid-19 Secure as per the guidance / advice issued by the UK Government and the Auto-Cycle Union.
  • The Landowner is content for the event to take place and the landowner is content that spectators will be admitted to the event.
  • A Track and Trace method is put in place to record details of spectators being admitted to the event.
  • There is not a requirement to take details of every individual, based on the fact that any other persons in the vehicle / pillion passenger are from the same household / support bubble, but details of the driver of the vehicle or rider of the motorcycle should be recorded.

The details required are: Name, postcode / house number. Mobile number and/or email address.

To assist, the Risk Assessment template has been updated to account for this change. We cannot stress enough that you should complete the template in accordance with your specific club and venue, and your advice to the local authority is acknowledged

Youth Sport
The Wheels Are Now Turning For Youth Riders……

Resumption of Youth Training & Practice (These guidelines apply to England and IOM only) 
We know that everyone is keen for the resumption of youth activity as soon as it is safe and appropriate for them to do so and following the publication of the latest government guidelines on exercise, the ACU are happy to announce that youth training and practice can resume in England and the IOM in line with current training and practice timelines. This decision is based on government guidelines detailing the use of public spaces, outdoor activity and exercise. In case you haven’t seen the latest guidance the link to the document is given below:   

Training: Under the new social distancing guidelines, which allow up to, but no more than six people to gather, parents can take their children to a 1-1 coaching or training session, as long as the gathering does not exceed six people. Any sports coaches or trainers undertaking 1-1 sessions should ensure they are complying with relevant ACU guidance/advice and conduct a thorough risk assessment before engaging in any sessions. This should include particular consideration for under 18s and vulnerable adults. 

Practice Events: The latest Government advice is that it is important children have as many chances to be as active as possible, so, youth participation can now be included in Practice Permits. With immediate effect, permit applications may be sent to the relevant Discipline Secretary to apply for a Practice Permit for practice events including youth to commence from 8th June. An updated Covid-19 Risk Assessment with guidance on youth practice will be produced for each discipline in due course and sent out by Race Secretaries. 

It is important to say that any return to activity must take account of local conditions and any risk assessment for normal activities should be undertaken as well as ensuring that all government guidance around Covid-19 is taken into account.

Summary of dates:
Activity_________________ Permit Application Date_____ Event Date
Coaching/Training _______ 27th May 2020 ____________ 1st June 2020
Practice Events__________ 1st June 2020 _____________ 8th June 2020

We will update Centres and Clubs in Scotland and Wales when Devolved Governments review their current guidelines 

Kind regards
Neil Doctor
Assistant General Secretary
Telephone: 01788 566434

Clubs can now apply for practice permits from the ACU Office for Practice Days taking place from 8th June and include Youth classes if they wish.