The One Day Championships was awarded to GW Racing and that was going to be held on 21st June at Gosbeck, due to the pandemic that was cancelled and after discussion with George Wilby and the club decided after a meeting that it would not be a true ACU Eastern if they ran any meetings later on in the season they would prefer a meeting without any Championship points in case the pandemic would not allow the event to go ahead. This was agreed

GW Racing held a practice day at Gosbeck in July the first in the country and from all accounts they managed to have a good practice day under the strict rules and regulations of Covid 19.

At the end of August the club decided to run a full meeting at Iken with 103 solo riders and 8 Sidecars and had 5 Quads as well. On the Saturday it started raining. All the same strict rules and regulations of Covid 19 plus the added pressure of holding a race meeting. With that the meeting had some moments which was dealt with and eventually all classes had 3 legs each. The event went very well indeed and the club officials done the club proud and all deserve a big praise for running the 1st Grass Track Event in the Country in 2020. Also the meeting was streamed live on Facebook by Grasstrack Banter Team again a first in this country.

The team then started arranging for the Chick Garrod Memorial Meeting at Gosbeck on 3rd October and was hoping for another bumper entry the programme listed 110 riders however the weather turned for the worse and the rain kept on going however GW Racing decided to carry on with the track looking rather wet but they had technical control and the riders went out for practice after that the first block of racing went off and the rain eventually stopped, the interval was held and the club ran the meeting to the full included the King of Gosbeck race. Then meeting finished and the club deserved the praise for running a practice day and then 2 race meetings in a shortened season, with complying with strict Covid 19 restrictions and regulations.