As you will no doubt be aware most of the Eastern Centre currently falls under Tier 4 status; and as of Boxing Day the rest of the Centre will be covered by this level of restriction.

The ACU issued a statement on December 21st covering the Welsh Lockdown and Tier 4 restrictions in England which have been forwarded to all clubs within our Centre. Just so that no-one is in any doubt the following sentence from the statement is the most important, and should be adhered to by all of us:

With immediate effect in the Tier 4 areas of England and for Wales it is simple, all organised events are cancelled until the Prime Minister and First Minister for Wales announces the easing of lockdown restrictions.

The Chairman of the ACU, Roy Humphrey, also reinforced the message,  "As I’ve said before, although we think motorcycle sport is important, in the grand scheme of things, it isn’t.  We need to consider the impact on the NHS which is under a massive strain, we need to do our bit and follow the rules.  The perception of the sport is important, whilst the NHS is under the pressure it is given the spread of the new strain of Coronavirus, for organised motorcycle sport to be held in these Tier 4 areas would be irresponsible.  We just need to follow the rules issued by the UK Government and those announced by the First Minister of Wales”.

Let’s hope the new year brings with it an end to this current situation so that we can all enjoy each other’s company, and perhaps, get out on our bikes again! Stay safe, and remember, we have many ways of communication these days so if you are on your own don’t be shy - get in touch with a friend and talk about the good old days!!