The Woodbridge DMCC are pleased to announce that we will be running a race meeting on Sunday 11th October at Blaxhall. Entries will be limited to 160 riders and each rider will be allowed to bring two people from their family bubble and should arrive in the same vehicle where possible.

The meeting will take the format of Heat’s, Semi’s and a Final giving all riders a practice session and three races during the day. (Prize Money for the Final will be subject to the success of the meeting)

Strict Covid-19 restrictions will still be in place for the event and although we have Council clearance, it will still be subject to any local spikes.

Unfortunately, No Spectators will be allowed at this race meeting, any that arrive at the venue will be refused entry. There will be NO OVERNIGHT CAMPING ALLOWED AT THIS EVENT.

Entries will be opening at 7pm on Friday the 11th September and charged at £50 per rider. All entries will be via the ACU Online System – (Day Licences will be available). When making your entry please ensure that your Email Address is correct as ALL Race Information will be sent via this email and it is your responsibility to ensure you have received it prior to the event.

If you need to HIRE a transponder please do so at the time of entry.


Additional Covid-19 Instructions

All riders, please ensure you read and fully comply with these additional instructions. The ACU National Sporting Code will be applied to any rider or support crew not complying.

  1. Entries and cash - As handling of documentation and cash must be minimised, all entries, one day licences and hire of transponders must be on-line.

  2. Nature of event – Four groups of riders and each group to be selected at random. Riders to remain in the same group for Practice and their first race.

    After the first heats, the fastest 20 riders from Heats 1 and 2 will go to Semi Final A Race 7, and the fastest 20 from Heats 3 and 4 will go to Semi Final B Race 8.

    Non qualifiers (21-40) from Heats 1 and 2 will contest races 5 and 9, and non-qualifiers (21-40) from Heats 3 and 4 will contest Races 6 and 10.

    The top 20 from each semi final will progress to the Grand Final (Race 12).

    The non-qualifiers from Races 7 and 8 (21 -40) will contest the Consolation Final (Race 11)

  3. Fitness to be at the event - Riders must not enter or attend the event, nor must any other person with Covid-19 symptoms. If you start to show symptoms at the event, you must not report to Medical staff or the first aid centre. Go home, self-isolate and call 111 if your condition deteriorates.

  4. Travel and support crews - Riders should travel to the event in accordance with Government and ACU Covid-19 restrictions for social distancing in force at the time. The event is non- spectator and the number of support crew is currently limited to rider plus two. If you cannot maintain social distancing in your vehicle and your support crew is from a different household, they must travel in a separate vehicle. If required, you must be able to supply the details of the name and contact details of your support crew/ mechanic.

  5. Overnight camping: There will be no overnight camping

  6. Pit entrance gate: Any riders with additional people over the rider plus two limits, will be refused entry to the site. – No refunds will be given for non-compliance.
    Temperature checks may be taken.

  7. Signing on - They will be no physical signing on. Your attendance will be marked off by the Secretary of the Meeting before you enter the Paddock. You will be identified by your ACU licence or Valid Photo ID for a Day Licence.

  8. Parking – You will be parked in the Paddock by a Club Official and maintaining at least 2 metres between vehicles. There will be no parking in groups allowed.

  9. Scrutineering – The rider must personally present their machine for scrutineering with their race numbers on the machine. The rider will be instructed to demonstrate that brakes, throttle and footrests etc. are all working. Technical Officials will visually inspect the rider’s helmet for signs of damage and the presence of a gold stamp without handling the item.

  10. Transponder

    a) If you need to hire a transponder, you must pay online in advance.

    b) If you have hired a transponder, you must collect it from the timing hut. You will be required to place one of the following (ACU licence, driving licence or credit card) in an envelope provided by the timekeepers which will be located in the transponder case, together with the appropriate transponder number. Please seal the envelope and replace it in the same slot as the transponder has been taken from. You must also provide a mobile number to the timekeepers in case there are any issues that need to be followed up.

    c) For transponder returns the procedure is reversed.

    d) If your transponder fails on the day for any reason, you can purchase using cash from the timekeeper, but you must provide the correct amount of £10.00.

  11. Start holding area - The start control area has been divided into two separate sections spaced out with 2 metre spacing. Area 1 is a new holding bay at the rear of the start line where riders 1 to 20 will be held. Area 2 in the normal holding bay where riders 21 to 40 will be held. Both areas will provide 2m social spacing.

    When in the Holding Areas your helmet must be worn at all times – Strictly just riders permitted in the Holding Areas.

  12. Start line – A maximum of 40 riders will be permitted on the start line. When authorised to go to the gate:

    a) Ensure your gloves and googles are on.

    b) Every other gate is marked with Black and Yellow Tape. If you choose a gate with Black and Yellow tape you may go fully up to the gate. If you choose a gate not marked, you must initially hold back 2m from the gate so that all riders are staggered. When the 15 second board is displayed, you may move up to your gate and line up normally against the next rider.

  13. On track activity

    a) Rider/mechanic/rider's assistant only to recover machine with authority from the Clerk of the Course (C of C).

    b) If a rider is injured, the C of C will arrange to recover the machine with protective PPE being worn.

  14. Medical and injuries:

    a) Do not report to Medical staff if you have, or start to display, any signs or symptoms that look to be Covid-19 related i.e. high temperature, persistent cough or loss of taste or smell. Immediately go home, self-isolate and dial 111 should your condition deteriorate.

    Please do not go to the Medical staff for minor cuts and bruises.

    Please bring your own first aid kit to deal with minor cuts and injuries.

  15. Timing and results:

    a) The timing hut officials will not deal with any queries during the event. The secretary of the meeting is the principal point of contact.

    b) Start gate position will be determined by Practice Times for the first race and race positions for the following races (2nd and 3rd Race)

    c) Results will be displayed on My Laps Speedhive Live Timing Results (being trialled at the event). Hard printed copies will not be posted at the event.

  16. Toilets and personal hygiene:

    a) Please bring your own hand sanitiser to the event.

    b) The club will be providing someone to clean the toilets at regular intervals

  17. Catering: - Catering facilities will be available as a takeaway. Please maintain social distancing.

  18. Litter: - Bin Bags will be provided, please take all your own litter home. It is important for club officials not to touch litter.

  19. Social distancing:

    a) Applies at the event in terms of parking, scrutineering and signing on, paddock area, start line, toilets and catering

    b) When you have finished your race, go straight back to your vehicle in the paddock. Do not stop for any reason to talk to friends or fellow riders.

    c) The wearing of masks will be encouraged.

Please help the club make this work by abiding by the instructions as we our trying to get the sport up and running again.

Thank you.