PM Boris Johnson announces Step 2 of the Roadmap to go ahead as planned

Date of Issue: 6th April 2021.

As the UK moves cautiously through the Roadmap outlined by the Prime Minister on 22nd February, Mr Johnson announced on 5th April that step two of the Roadmap will commence on 12th April as planned. The move to Step two is based on the continuing success of the rollout of the vaccination programme, the scientific data which shows a marked reduction in the rate of infection, the reduced admissions to hospitals and the reduction in the number of deaths.

From 29th March, organised outdoor sports – for adults and under 18s – was able to restart in England without being subjected to the gatherings limits but had to be and must continue to be compliant with guidance issued by governing bodies, thus far events have been restricted to one day event only.

With effect 12th April, in England organised outdoor sports for adults and under 18s will continue and overnight stays (self-contained accommodation) within the confines of an event (ie. within the paddock / boundaries of the venue) is permitted, however it is important to note that overnight stays is restricted to households only.

For Wales; organised outdoor sports cannot commence until 3rd May at the earliest, and then if permitted, will be constrained to a maximum number of 30.

For the Isle of Man; the Island is currently in lockdown with restrictions being gently eased but in terms of motorcycle sport, there is no organised outdoor sports allowed. A further announcement on this is due from the Isle of Man Government in the coming days.

Event Organisers should continue to send in Covid-19 risk assessments with their Permit Applications and Supplementary Regulations and liaise with their Local Authority to inform them that it is intended to hold a motorcycle sport event within their area.

The important point to note though for Event Organisers in England is the easing of restrictions on overnight stays which will allow for two-day events and as such it is important that Event Organisers take into consideration suitable spacing between awnings/pitches within the paddock and ensure that overnight stays are restricted to one household.

Further updates will be distributed in accordance with UK Government Advice/Guidance.