Iken EC Solo Timecard Enduro – Round 2 of GH/MCs ACU Eastern Enduro Championship 

This Sunday sees Round 2 of the GH/MCs ACU Eastern Enduro Championship. A full house of 120 riders includes ACU Eastern Enduro and Motocross Champion Luke Parker (350 MPM Gas Gas) and Ben Cole (450 GH Mcs Husqvarna). These riders finished 1st and 3rd on the recent Santon Enduro. 

The format of the Iken event was tried at Hawkedon a couple of years ago and proved to be very popular as it combines speed and fitness with the ability to work out whether you have sufficient time to do another lap.

Summary of Event 

  • The event will consist of a number of sessions. Note: the actual number to be finalised when check times are published but it should consist of 5 sessions for Championship and Expert, and four for Clubman.  
  • There will be two time controls – a Start (Out control) and a Finish (In control)
  • You must get your time card stamped at the start and the finish control.
  • During each session riders need to ride as many laps as possible within the given check time. These may vary between 24 to 40 minutes. 
  • Penalties for lateness at the finish check point will be applied for example 1/6 of a lap.
  • No penalty will be applied for booking in early at the finish control at the end of each session – please do not wait at the control point just book in and go straight to the pits. 
  • After each session - riders will get a break – time to refuel and consume drink etc. before booking into the start control for their next session.
  • Riders must book into the start control at their booked time otherwise a penalty for example a 1/6 of lap will apply.
  • There will be no special test but all laps will be recorded and the rider’s fastest lap time will be used in the calculation of results. The first lap of the first session of the day will not be timed so ride sensibly and check out the course.
  • j)      Result will be decided on the number of laps completed, lateness at the control point and in the event of a tie – the fastest lap time. 

Rider numbers will be handed out on the day (many thanks Phil Roper) and to make things even easier, your time card will be made out for you.

Have a great day’s riding!

Iken start list as at 8 March.pdf