‘Building For The Future’

Inaugural Sustainability Meeting of ACU Eastern

7.30pm Thursday September 16th 

Gt Blakenham Parish Rooms, Great Blakenham, Ipswich IP6 0LN


  • Welcome & Introduction
  • Background and Current Status
  • Guidelines & Processes
  • Challenges Facing the Centre
  • Action Plan

As this is the inaugural meeting we are, in many respects, starting with a blank piece of paper.

The Centre has been in existence for nearly 100 years, so we can’t have got it all wrong,. But if we don’t face up to the increasing challenges facing the way we run our sport, both nationally and locally; embrace the opportunities offered by digital technology; engage with a younger audience; and put into place initiatives that meet the growing environmental concerns of our ever increasing population, there will be no need for the Centre, and/or the National Governing Body.

In the May issue of the Gazette there was a request for ideas to be put forward as to what might be included within the Sustainability meeting, and suggestions as to how we take this all forward. Several (very good) submissions were sent in, but I am sure there are many of you with other, just as valid ideas, so, with the meeting over two weeks away please give some thought as to how we can face the challenges, and indeed, the challenges you feel we face.

Please forward your thoughts to Phil Armes via the email address; permits@easternacu.org

This meeting is not restricted to the delegates that clubs would normally send to a Board meeting, but is open to any member of an ACU Eastern affiliated club. Therefore please let the Centre Secretary know if you are planning to attend.