GH M/cs and G&B Finch Muntjac Enduro – 21 November 2021 - Final Round of ACU Eastern Enduro Championship - Regulations open 1st October – 

After a 2-year break, Diss MCC are pleased to announce that agreement has been reached with Forestry England for the Muntjac Enduro to go ahead on Sunday 21 November 2021. 

This is one of just a few long course forest enduros now held in the East of England. Thetford Forest, in particular, is very popular with riders as the terrain is generally rideable in all weather conditions. 

The event is the final round of the ACU Eastern Enduro Championship, and the club is very pleased to have the continued support of GH Motorcycles and G&B Finch as event sponsors. 

A lot of forestry work has gone on in the area over the last 2 years, so club members and helpers have a lot of clearing to do to make the route enjoyable. 

The course will be shorter than normal due to restrictions and as a result, the route no longer crosses Harling Drove. However, the club are planning a 15-mile course including the normal 1.6 mile special test. As with all Diss MCC events held in Thetford Forest, it is important to get your entry in early to save any disappointment.  

Furthermore, with the slightly reduced mileage, the club will be limiting the number of entries. The regs will open on Friday 1st October at 7.00pm. All entries will be online – ACU: 

The rider grading will follow the ACU Eastern Championship standards. Therefore, to ensure you get an enjoyable ride you may wish to ride in a higher class. 

The club really appreciate the efforts of Forestry England in making this event possible taking account of issues with illegal riding, the close down of the forest due to Covid, and the recent motorsport review of Forestry events. 

Whilst ACU riders are very responsible and understand the damage and adverse publicity of illegal riding, there is still a need to work together to ensure all off road riders get the message. 

Looking ahead plans are progressing for the Santon Enduro on the 27th Feb 2022, again hopefully sponsored by GH Motorcycles and G&B Finch. 

Make sure you get your entries in quick!