ACU Eastern is looking for a person to run the MyLaps electronic timekeeping system for motocross events for the 2025 season and beyond, approximately 12 events per annum. 

Your Duties will include: 

  • Storage and maintenance of all equipment 
  • Transport of all equipment to and from meetings 
  • Liasing with meeting secretaries prior to events and entering riders and race schedules onto the system 
  • Installing and testing equipment prior to racing Issuing hire transponders as required (together with responsibility for all hire fees and deposits) 
  • Setting up and maintaining MyLaps Live Timing at events 
  • Recording qualifying sessions and preparing rider lists and gate picks in timely fashion based on results 
  • Recording races and posting printed results at the event 
  • Recording championship points in each race and calculating overall results 
  • Uploading results to MyLaps Speedhive website 
  • Uploading championship positions to MyLaps Speedhive website 
  • Supplying printed results as required by the organiser and officials 
  • A fee will be paid by the organiser at each event 
  • Training available if required

If you are interested, please contact Andrew Hay (07766 904655) or