Sunday November 5th for our Autumn trial we awoke to perfect weather, the previous days wind & rain we had for setting up had passed and the sun shone, by start time the sandy climbs were drying out and grip returning. Although we all loved to see the sun this also caused a problem, early on some climbs required looking straight into it. 

With entry numbers in the high 60s in the confinements of Raydon pit there is always the potential of section queues, therefore we were grateful to have sufficient observers for the 12 sections laid out. 

Photo: Jack Austin

With only Jack Austin entered as Expert “A” David Woods Expert “B” decided to move up a class and ride yellow route with him, although unable to match Jacks impressive score of 21 got through every section except section 1 with at most a couple of dabs 

One of the best rides of the day must be Daniel Carter (twin shock “A”)  who on his 500 Aerial completed the Red route with just a 5 mark loss with Andrew  Keeble second on 33.

Twin shock “B” was a closer battle with Craig Crowfoot pipping Richard Snowden, with them finishing on 14 & 15 respectively 

Novice class was won by Ralph Petts 17 with Colin Brand 24.  Section 11 being Colins downfall dropping 8 marks compared to Ralphs 0.

The intermediate was another close one with Stephen Bland 16 finishing just one mark ahead of Richard Beales

The youth continue to shine with Daniel Adcock red route 34 marks well up with the intermediate adults and Jack Holmes white route 19 marks is just 2 off the adult novice class winner. 

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