A beautiful sunny morning welcomed competitors to Foxborough Quarry for the 3 hour endure event split into 2 x 90 minutes sessions with a lunch break in between. The course was reversed for the afternoon, and it certainly posed some questions for the riders with an equal split on preferred session. With heavy rain the few days before Sunday’s event the going could have gone either way with mixed woodland, pasture and tone of the notorious bogs in the course, but a drying breeze provided a hard fast surface throwing up plenty of dust as the racing progressed. To score points both the morning & afternoon session had to be completed and there were some surprising withdrawals due to mechanical issues which would hamper chances of making up the points at this the third round of the Championship. 

Ben Cole led from the first corner and with a win across both races setting the pace for Jake Roper to chase, making his first season in championship class look easy matching Bens laps each time out, ending with a solid second place in front of Will Hughes in 3rd and Jack Sheppard in 4th both finishing on 12 laps each time out. George Eustace finished on 11 laps then 12 in the afternoon narrowly beating Neive Holmes in 6th place. 

It was great to see some women out on the track again so well done Neive! Jack Berry made his win in the Expert class look easy despite the top 6 Expert places all finishing on 11 laps in each session. 

The Clubman class was well subscribed and saw Robert Armitage holding his position in front of Lloyd Barker in 2nd place both on 11 laps per session and Charlie Aldridge in 3rd ahead of Thomas Brinkley on 4th place and Oliver Brinkley in 5th with Bryce Hagger in 6th place. 

All three Vets races saw some seriously competitive riding with some healthy dialogue between the riders who have obviously been racing together for many seasons. 

In Expert Vet class- Last season’s  3rd placed championship Expert Vet Phil Roper took 1st place over Philip Waldron in 2nd and Clubman Vets Winner last year Jason Naruszewicx  in 3rd with Paul Spurgeon last years Expert Vets Champion in 4th.  

Clubman Vets saw last seasons champion Simon Davies finish 1st with Jason Green in 2nd, Jason Carsboult in 3rd, and 4th place proved a welcome return for Thomas Morris after some health issues and David Griffiths in 5th place. 

Eastern Centre Super Vets championship Winner 2021 John Hilton finished in 1st place and 3rd placed last season -Graham Mays took  Second place over Wayne Barker in 3rd, Jeremy Moss in 4th.   5th for Stephen Prior & 6th for Nigel Ross. 

The Next Sudbury Motorcycles Solo round is at Home Farm, Hadham on the 12th June. 

A big thanks must go out to our landowners for all the hard work put into making Foxborough look as good as it does and the very hardworking crew who set it all up and made the day run so smoothly from entries scrutineering, starting, timing course changes, constant tape and peg replacement and putting it all away again after the youth race – Thank you for joining us and thank you for riding! 

Full results and photos further down the page, but first, why not tackle the latest Paula's Puzzle? This time she pointed the camera at the battle between Eddie Belton and Louie Curry...


Championship Class
1st Ben Cole 12+13 laps
2nd Jake Roper 12+13 Laps
3rd William Hughes 12+12
4th Jack Sheppard 12+12
5th George Eustace 11+12
6th Neive Holmes  11+12

1st Jack Berry 11+12
2nd Joseph Hall 11+12
3rd Adam Durkin 11+12
4th Edward Pooley 11+12
5th Barnaby Knight 11+12
6th James Yearley   11+12

1st Robert Armitage 11+11
2nd Lloyd Barker 11+11
3rd Charlie Aldridge 10+11
4th Thomas Parker 10+11
5th Oliver Brinkley 11+11
6th Bryce Hagger   10+11

Expert Vets
1st Philip Roper 11+11
2nd Philip Waldron 11+11
3rd Jason Naruszewicz 11+11
4th Paul Spurgeon   11+11

Clubman Vets
1st Simon Davies 10+11
2nd Jason Green 9+10
3rd Jason Carsboult 10+10
4th Thomas Morris 9+10
5th David Griffiths   9+3

Sportsman Vets
1st John Hilton 11+11
2nd Graham Mays 10+11
3rd Wayne Barker 10+11
4th Jeremy Moss 10+11
5th Stephen Prior 10+11
6th Nigel Ross  10+10

All photos below by Paula Day (click on an image to enlarge)