The first event of the season run by Sudbury Club saw relentless rain in the lead up to the event resulting in what racing pundits would call heavy going! Consequently, it was reduced from 3 hours to 2.5 hours. The day clearly became a test of stamina and determination with the inclusion of two deep testing bogs with easier much longer routes an option for those choosing to avoid the risky challenge with potentially time saving rewards, casualties were high with bikes from across all classes getting completely stuck or mechanical failure in the process of trying to extricate themselves from the ever-deepening mud. From the original starters over 25 percent of riders did not finish. 

Jamie Roper tackles the dreaded bog - scroll to the bottom of the page for more of Paula's photos from the event.

Ben Clark was first away from the start and held the current title holder and winner of the last two rounds Luke Parker off to 2nd place to the finishing line with 1 lap in hand after the gruelling session, with Sudbury Clubs own Jamie Roper in third place and Jack Berry in 6th and Will Hughes from Braintree Club in 4th and Chris Hockey in 5th. The expert Class saw Braintree Clubs James Yearley take 1st place with a lap in hand on Jack Edwards in 2nd just 6 seconds ahead of Joe Henthorn in 3rd, with less than 3 seconds in it Ian Parker took 4th and Ross Taylor and Rob Aldridge finished on 12 laps with barely 2 seconds separating them for 5th & 6th place. 

Clubman the biggest class of the day saw some fierce competition from the top 6 riders   with just 3 seconds separating Charlie Aldridge who fulfilled a lifelong ambition having started riding when he was 7 and in his second year of Enduro race riding finished 1st just 3 seconds ahead of fellow Sudbury member and Dave Roper team members Frazer Lawrence & Billy Sergeant who were a lap behind on 11 laps. 4th place went to Adam Tutton 5th Lee Clifford and 6th Josh Womack with time being the deciding factor as they all finished on 11 laps. 

Phil Roper took first place in the Expert Vet class for Sudbury with 13 laps and Murray Shotter from Reigate club making the journey worth his while won the Sportsman’s vet class on 12 laps, from Sudbury’s Graham Mays and Jez Moss on 10 laps and Andrew Arden on 10 and local rider Paul Belton finishing on 8. 

The next Solo Championship round is also run by Sudbury on the 7th  of May at Foxborough Quarry as the points begin to sort everyone out from these first 3 rounds of a possible 7 with results from 6 to count. 

Before checking out the results, why not take on Paula's Puzzle? This time it's Ben Clark.....

1st Ben Clark / 2nd Luke Parker / 3rd Jamie Roper / 4th Will Hughes / 5th Chris Hockey / 6th Jack Berry

1st James Yearly / 2nd Jack Edwards / 3rd Joe Henthorn / 4th Ian Parker / 5th Ross Taylor / 6th Rob Aldridge

1st Charlie Aldridge / 2nd Frazer Lawrence / 3rd Billy Sargeant / 4th Adam Tutton / 5th Lee Clifford / 6th Josh Womack

Expert Vets
1st Phil Roper / 2nd Paul Spurgeon

Sportman Vets
1st Murray Shotter / 2nd Graham Mays / 3rd Jez Moss / 4th Andrew Arden / 5th Paul Belton / 6th Paul Webb

More photos from the event - click on an image to enlarge.