September 10th saw The Essex & Suffolk Border MCC run their late summer trial at Tattingstone, an Eastern ACU championship round for Novice & Twin-Shock riders. Although some say we are in Autumn, with temperatures reaching over 30, it must still be summer. 

The trial site is a strip of woodland dropping down at the end of a field and is bordered by a small stream, previously we had limited access across the stream into muddy area but that side is a different landowner and due to some government scheme, it is now no go there. 

With not having access to the muddy area and the landowner having dug himself a large duck pond, & while having the digger there dug us some large steps and sharpened up some climbs, the site was very different, therefore with little experience of how it would ride & with the high temp expected we aimed for an easy event of 10 sections to be ridden 4 times. With a good size entry including a number of youth we feel the idea of an easy event was correct but perhaps it did turnout a little easier than expected. 

It was nice to get an entry of over 60 including a good number of youth. 

Main class winners:

  • Novice Ryan Macintosh on 1 mark just ahead of Ralph Petts on 2 
  • Twin shock “A” Daniel Carter 0 with David Woods 1 
  • Twin Shock “B” was equally close Richard Snowden 1 with a group of riders on 2 
  • Best inter Arron Richardson 2   With Richard Rogers 5

We must give thanks to all observers and our land owner who not only let us use the trial site but also the already planted adjoining field. We have been invited back when a suitable date can be found between crops.

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Results have been amended slightly to those issued on Facebook, to align the Youth result as per the EACU Championship requirements. Scores themselves remain unchanged.
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