A bright dry autumn morning saw the start of the final round for the Dave Barkshire Motorcycles 2-man Eastern Centre Championship, with several of the top championship places hinging on the days results those racing were making every lap count on the twisty course which threaded through several boggy wooded sections causing major problems for those riders who didn’t get the right line first time. Technical questions in the form of narrow concrete and wooden pallet bridges with a temporary wooden road put in on one stage to save an even bigger bog, constantly had the riders on the brakes and up on their pegs for a tiring 4 hour race. The dark clouds which threatened all afternoon held off till an entertaining presentation ceremony took place signalling an end to the 2021 Dave Barkshire 2 man Eastern Centre Championship. 

Provisional Championship results Title Winners Ben Cole & Luke Parker on 55 points 2nd Toby Morley & Jack Sheppard 49 points 3rd Ross Taylor & Dan Willis 41 points. In the Expert Section 1st Adam Durkin / Tom Sargent 55 Points  2nd Phil Roper & Jake Roper 54 Points 3rd Ben Grice & Jack Grice 33 points. Clubman Section 1st Barnaby Knight & Archie Gunton 60 points unbeaten all season 2nd Luke Barker & Lloyd Barker 49 points  and 3rd  father and son combination Paul & Will Belton.

Take a puzzle break. Settle down with a brew and tackle Paula Day's great action shot of Craig Roper

1st Jamie Roper & Craig Roper - Sudbury MCC
2nd Jack Sheppard & Toby Morley - Ipswich & Woodbridge MCC
3rd James Hockenhull & Jake Nicholls - Manchester 17 & Woodbridge MCC
4th Ross Taylor & Dan Willis – Stowmarket MCC
5th Ian Parker & Stevie Roper – Sudbury MCC
6th Will Hughes & Mitchell Beagrie – Braintree & Sudbury MCC

1st Matt Hockenhull & Shaun Leggett – Manchester 17 & Sudbury MCC
2nd Adam Sparkes & Joe Smith – Manchester 17 & Macclesfield MCC
3rd Stephen Revett & Michael Ridge – Stowmarket MCC
4th Ben Grice & Jack Grice – Lowestoft MCC
5th Jack Edwards & Albert Van Dyke – Diss MCC
6th Jono Jones & Charlie Nichols - Milton Buzzard & Manchester 17

1st Barnaby Knight & Archie Gunton - Sudbury MCC
2nd William & Paul Belton - Sudbury MCC
3rd Luke Barker & Lloyd Barker - Sudbury MCC
4th Dale Brinkley & Oliver Brinkley -Halstead MCC
5th Colin Brand & Raymond Otaka – Diss MCC
6th Jason Ager & Simon Davies - Sudbury MCC

Photos by Paula Day (click on an image to enlarge)