The Sudbury MCC/GH Motorcycles Eastern Centre Solo Enduro Championship, Round 4 of 7, took place at Foxborough on 7th May 2023. The soft ground over grass gave a varied and interesting course over farmland and through several wooded sections with an optional bog which many choose to avoid. To make the event more challenging: ever decreasing allotted times were given to the 4,5 or 6 sessions the six different classes rode with little time for rest or refuelling for any riders not pushing for the fastest time every lap out on the course. Ben Clark

This multi lap timecard event tested the maths skills of even the most experienced competitors as fractions of a lap were given in penalties for coming in late. Competitors admitted how tight the timing proved to be and looked visibly spent as they entered the pits for the final time following the chequered flag. 

After 4 rounds positions for the Solo Championship are 1st Ben Clarke Braintree 66 points, 2nd Luke Parker Norwich 57 points, 3rd Jamie Roper Sudbury 35 points also 3rd Will Hughes Braintree 35 points and 5th Jake Roper 30 points.
Experts 1st James Yearley Braintree 62 points, 2nd Jack Edwards Diss 43 points and 3rd Joe Henthorn Sudbury 39 points.
Expert Vets 1st Julian Harvey Ipswich 57 points, 2nd Paul Spurgeon 55 points and 3rd Phil Roper 50 points.
Clubman 1st Billy Sargeant 43 points, joint 2nd Charlie Aldridge Sudbury, Lee Clifford Diss and Frazer Lawrence Sudbury all on 28 points.
Clubman Vets 1st Dan Rose Woodbridge 77 points, 2nd Keith Maude Sudbury 55 points and 3rd Jason Carsboult Sudbury 38 points.
Clubman Super Vets joint 1st Jez Moss and John Hilton both Sudbury 60 points and 3rd Murray Shotter Out of Centre 42 points.

With Round 5 of the GH Motorcycles Eastern Centre Solo Enduro Championship taking place  on 11th June at Home Farm, Hadham one of only two events in the eastern Centre championship held in Hertfordshire this event is well known for its 6 mile course length and infamous bog. 

Championship Class 
1st Ben Clark 27 Laps
2nd Jamie Roper 26 Laps 3rd
Jake Roper 25 Laps
4th Craig Roper 26 Laps
5th Jake Nichols 27 Laps
6th Jack Sheppard 24 Laps

Expert Class
1st James Yearly 21 Laps
2nd Thomas Sargent 19 Laps
3rd Toby Morley 20 Laps
4th Joe Henthorn 19 Laps
5th Jack Edwards 20 Laps
6th Toby Rogers 17 Laps

Clubman Class
1st Darryl Pyart 16 Laps
2nd James Foxley 16 Laps
3rd Billy Sargeant 17 Laps
4th Daniel Hills 17 Laps
5th James Colclough 16 Laps
6th Frazer Lawrence 16 Laps

Expert Vets
1st Julian Harvey 19 Laps
2nd Phillip Roper 19 Laps
3rd Paul Spurgeon 17 Laps

Clubman Vets
1st Daniel Rose 17 Laps
2nd Raymond Otoka 16 Laps
3rd Keith Maude 15 Laps
4th Jason Carsboult 15 Laps
5th Carl Lawrence 12 Laps
6th Lee Silvain 9 Laps

Super Vets 
1st John Hilton 17 Laps
2nd Paul Belton 17 Laps
3rd Wayne Barker 16 Laps
4th Andrew Arden 15 Laps
5th Jeremy Moss 16 Laps
6th Gene Womack 14 Laps

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