Motocross Reserved Number Scheme

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Originally introduced by the late Andy Crawford (Halstead & DMCC), the reserved number scheme has raised thousands of pounds for local Air Ambulance trusts. The introduction electronic timing for motocross events meant that it was imperative that riders used the same number throughout the season if the system was to correctly calculate championship positions. For this reason the motocross committee decided several years ago that all riders wishing to compete in electronically timed motocross events within the region would have to purchase a reserved number for the season at a cost of £5 per year, with all proceeds going to chosen charities.
As well as enabling riders to ensure that they could always compete with their preferred number, it raised the income from the scheme to a level where it is now possible to make substantial donations to more than one charity - since the 2016 season the donations have been split equally between the East Anglian Air Ambulance, Essex Air Ambulance & ACU Benevolent Fund.

Motocross Riders Please Note: The Competitions Committee have passed a ruling that ALL riders wishing to compete in motocross meetings with electronic timing will be required to purchase, and use, a number for the season - NO NUMBER, NO ENTRY
You will also NOT be allowed to ride with a number other than your reserved number on your machine.

The cost of reserving your number for 2024 is £5.50 per season. This ensures that the chosen charities (East Anglian Air Ambulance, Essex Air Ambulance & ACU Benevolent Fund) receive just over £5 per transaction.

Numbers 1 – 20 are kept for experts only. Number 1 is reserved for the Centre Champion.

Since its inception this scheme has enabled the ACU Eastern, on behalf of riders, to make donations totalling over £37,500 to the chosen charities.

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