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Diss MCC Santon Enduro 27th Feb 2022

168 min read

The opening date for entries for the Diss MCC Santon Enduro, the first Round of the ACU Eastern GH Motorcycles Enduro Championship, will be delayed until mid to late January.

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Muntjac Enduro – Sunday 21st Nov 21

507 min read

After a 2 year gap the Muntjac is finally back. Despite forest limitations a 15 mile lap has been prepared with the familiar 1.6 mile test adjacent to the start area and there’s a full house of 200 riders ready to do battle.

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The Muntjac is Back

447 min read

GH M/cs and G&B Finch Muntjac Enduro – 21 November 2021 - Final Round of ACU Eastern Enduro Championship - Regulations open 1st October –

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ACU Helmet Stickers

165 min read

It has come to light in recent weeks that there has been an increasing trend in Helmets being presented at Technical Control without an ACU Gold Sticker attached. The ACU would like to remind all riders that it is the rider’s responsibility to ensure that the helmet they present to Technical Control is ACU Approved and has the suitable ACU Gold Sticker attached.

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Revised Enduro Championships Dates

221 min read

The Enduro Committee held a meeting recently, and the following will be of interest to Enduro riders and supporters.
We are conscious of disruption to the calendar this year, this is the situation at the time of writing.

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Covid 19 Step 2 Roadmap

398 min read

Covid 19 update update following govt's announcement on 5th April issued by ACU Head Office on 6th April

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